Planet Coaster Alpha Launches


From the 21st of March, Planet Coaster will be launching its open alpha test, to all those who have purchased the early bird edition of the game.

Planet Coaster brings back the good old days of the Roller Coaster Tycoon series, and allows you to design and build your very own theme park. You can build anything your heart desires, from rollercoasters to restaurants to flat rides.

The alpha test will launch in three stages, the first allowing you to construct buildings and paths in your park, the second bringing in roller coaster creation and the third adding in community features.

The pre-release alpha test will last all the way up until the launch of the beta test, where access to the game will be available up until the launch.

To access the Planet Coaster Alpha test, you must purchase the early bird edition of the game, which is available on the Fronteir store. If you have already purchased one of the other editions of the title, you may upgrade to the early bird edition for an additional fee.


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